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Peter Owen

Loving Husband and Beloved Father

1937 - 2008

Peter Owen was born in the Welsh border town of Abergavenney in the first quarter of the last century. One of seven children, his childhood was a poor, but happy one. At the age of 16 Peter lied about his age in order to join the RAF so he could fight in the second World War.

During the war Peter fought as a pilot in the Battle of Britain and also discovered a talent for boxing, which he keenly pursued while in service. The young pilot remained undefeated after a total of 16 amateur fights in the ring.

After the war Peter left the RAF and found work in the accounts department of GM Motors in the West Midlands. It was here that he settled and met his young bride Nicola. The two were wed in 1951 in Nicolaís home-town of Worcester.

Shortly after the marriage Peter and Nicola were blessed with their first son, Michael.

Peter continued to pursue his career with GM Motors and worked his way up to Head of Finance for the UK. His work required Peter to travel extensively both at home and abroad. While in the USA he phoned home one night to see how Nicola, then pregnant with their second child, was doing, only to discover she had been rushed into hospital.

Peter boarded the first flight home so he could be with his wife as soon as possible. He flagged down a Black Cab on arriving in Heathrow and persuaded the driver to take him all the way to Birmingham General Hospital. There Danny found his wife had given birth to their second son, Gerald, just minutes before he arrived.

Peterís commitment to his career was rewarded when he became Chief Executive for GM Motors after thirty years of service with the company. Maintaining a work-life balance was always important to Peter and so he chose early retirement at the age of 55 to spend more time with his family.

Peter and Nicola moved to Spain when Michael and Gerald were grown up. There they enjoyed the meditteranean climate and formed close relationships with both the local and ex-pat population.

Peter passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 77. He was a man of strong morals, loyal and quick to win the friendship of others, who loved his family more than life itself. Peter is survived by his wife Nicola, two sons Michael and Gerald, and six grandchildren David, Matthew, Lucinda, Annabelle, Richard and Susan.

Memories & Respects for Peter

I miss you my darling. Wait for me and before you know it we'll be together again. I will always love you.
Nicola Owen, Wife
You were the best father a son could have, dad. I miss you and so do the kids. Love always.
Michael Owen, Son
I'm sure wherever you are, you're making everyone laugh Pete. You were always a joker. Not to mention the best friend a man could ever hope for. You always had my back Pete, and I'll never forget that.
Norman Smith, Best Friend